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Most of our packages are turn-key and simply set up. We handle the main service of keeping your presence alive and functioning and perform backups. You have the flexibility to run your services and software the way you like. But sometimes its easier to outsource the management and let the experts handle it.

We can manage your IT needs that you either don’t have time for or just don’t want to be bothered. From application management like WordPress to Operating Systems and Servers.

Server Maintenance

Linux and Windows have many updates. You can cross your fingers and do automatic updates, but then sometimes things break. Now what do you do?

With our Server Management service, each month we will backup your system, code and database then perform updates. Should things break, we will restore from the backup to assure your server remains live and working. We will assess the issue and make recommendations on how to proceed. You can either have your web developer fix the issue, or have one of our developers go in and do the required changes.

We also provide management for SMTP Server, POP/IMAP Server, HTTP Server and Webmail Server.

Price: starting at $99.00/month

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